State Corps Quality Control Management System

State Corps Quality Control Management System

State Corps, throughout the years of its innovative experience of working with USACE, has developed a robust QCM system. This system aims at serving the following three goals:

  • Customer Satisfaction: We at State Corps strive towards ensuring customer satisfaction by pursuing the level of standard quality requested by the customer, meeting the requested timelines as well as providing the deliverable’s within the agreed budget. Customer Satisfaction constitutes the cornerstone of the QCM system at State Corps.
  • Continuous Improvement: We are constantly seeking ways and methods which will enable us to do our job better. We persistently check what we are doing to see if it can be done better/cheaper/more efficiently or if we can add value to our deliverable’s at minimal additional cost.
  • Prevention not Inspection: In order to avoid any rework, scrapping, warranty work etc. we have allotted a significant amount of money to the “Cost of Quality”. This cost is considered as the money spent during the project to PREVENT failures. It includes staff training, purchasing the right material, spending time to get it right first time, testing and inspecting the work on an on-going basis.


  • General Quality Control Manager: This is the highest level of management in the QCM system at State Corps. The General QC Manager has an overall supervision on all the projects, while constantly maintaining coordination with the Construction, Design, Procurement, HR, Admin, Program Management and the Head Office Departments. He strictly follows QCM rules, regulations and practices and enforces adherence to the accepted QCM standards.
  • Deputy General QC Manager: This second highest level of QC management is crucial to creating effective coordination and communication between the office QCM and the project site QCM. Deputy General QC Manager does not simply work as a messenger; he deals with challenges and strives to solve them under the supervision of the General QC Manager. DGQCM reports to the GQCM.
  • Office QC Engineers: They are responsible for maintaining daily communication with the Site QC Managers in order to keep the office management updated and aware of the project site condition from the perspective of quality. They provide assistance to the Site QC Managers in enforcing QC procedures in the project. Office QC Engineers report to the DGQCM and GQCM.
  • Site QC Managers: Every project has a Site QC Manager who ensures that the work is performed in accordance with all relevant quality requirements and no deviation is created. The Site QC Manager reports to the Office QC Engineer and keeps constant and complete coordination with the office staff.
  • QCS Operators: A team of QCS operators maintain a swift communication system between State Corps and USACE.
  • Submittal Engineers: State Corps has gathered the most competent Engineers with rich experience in the Material Submittal, which has resulted in State Corps’ ability to obtain approval of material very swiftly.

State Corps evolved from a tough and competitive market, and we can proudly account our extraordinary QCM system for our success in this regard. Our vision is to strictly following our QCM system, while further enhancing our understanding of Quality Management and bringing constant improvements to our current QCM system.