Code Of Ethics

Code Of Ethics

    – We promote exceptional construction, engineering, and design solutions and services for our Clients
    – We strive to build better lives for local population one project at a time
    – We recruit our employees with the high standards only
    – We expect a lot from each of our employees, we enforce high standards through training & review, including our business ethics committee and anti-corruption representative
    – We are committed to uphold our Code of Ethics each and every day and always strive for improvement


    – We exist because of our Clients; we must earn their trust and business
    – We will serve our Clients with dedication, integrity, honesty, and competence
    – We will strive to complete all our projects to our Client’s satisfaction
    – We will perform our projects to meet and exceed all requirements and timetables
    – We will listen to our Clients and we will always strive to add value to their projects


    – We will treat each employee with the same respect and professionalism as we treat our Clients
    – When our Clients and our Employees win, then our company wins
    – We will seek to mentor and develop our employees
    – We will train and motivate our employees to always do what is morally, ethically, and legally right


    – We will perform projects for which we are qualified based on our past performance, experiences,and competence
    – We will strive to uphold our highest standards of excellence in the construction industry
    – We will expect professionalism from all our Clients employees, sub-contractors, vendors and suppliers
    – All individuals have to conform to our Code of Ethics


    – We will always seek to deliver the best value to our Clients
    – We will always seek to match our costs to the highest quality of services we deliver
    – We will always seek profit through hard work, cutting costs, exceeding deadlines, and honesty


    – We will seek to improve the lives of the communities we build in every day
    – We will strive to purchase local materials and local goods first
    – We will protect the wellbeing, and welfare of our communities by sharing knowledge of new environmental developments and technological advancements with the communities we serve
    – We will report violations of this Code of Ethics to the number above