CEO’s message

On behalf of State Corps, I warmly welcome you to our organization. I would like to thank you for getting interested in learning about State Corps. Decades of war have affected the nation much enough to still keep being quite and survive with daily approaches and live not an easy life.   I had been looking for opportunities to develop the sense of self confidence in the nation. Specifically young generation was my focal point to concentrate on and refuel their deadly hurt force of dynamism. Working with Afghan National Security Forces (ANSF) boosted my approach toward a compact program for integrating such unique force in my organization. It was back in 2009, which my organization got forward a new challenge of working with US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE).

A wide range of multimillion dollar projects such as ANPs, BPs, ANA Ranger, PRCs, ANCOPs, MOI Supply Points, Infantry Kandaks, FDs, NFTAs, Existing projects’ Upgrade, and Transmission Lines projects have been executed so far and it relives the hope of being a potential and pleasant nation so far. The opportunity through, which I could step forward for exceptional approaches for rebuilding the broken state have been seized to a great extent. I would like to thank International Community, ISAF, NATO, and Afghan Government for their serial support in struggling against terror, ignorance, and drug. At the end I want to address the young generation  to integrate in a convergent arena of values for developing approaches through, which they could establish a stable, credible, and hopeful state.

With Warm Regards,
Haji Mohammad Mumtaz
President/CEO-State Corps Inc
January 2013 – Kabul, Afghanistan